Mobile Signs Rentals Winnipeg

Winnipeg portable signs have never looked so good. Combine the breakthroughs of digital printing with a decrease in the cost of printing has moved the full colour digital mini billboard to a whole new level.

Printing costs just 2 years ago were $7/sqft and today they are about $3/sqft making it more affordable than ever to make the switch to a full colour portable sign.


Sign Guru has taken all of this one step forward by creating a CHANGEABLE copy full colour signs. What this means to you is simple… COST SAVINGS. You can create as many images as you like and we then we store them for you and change them as often as you wish. With a small inventory of images you can keep you signage look fresh and vibrant all the time, which allows your signage to stand out and not just fade into the background


We print a high resolution image that is nearly photographic in quality to the highest quality vinyl on the market. This creates and image that is rated for 2 –3 years of sun exposure before fading. We then apply this high quality image to what we consider the best rigid substrate there is industry. When these 2 features come together you get the best looking full colour sign on the market today